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El rector presenta la “Escola de frikis”

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XVII Edición de los Cursos de Verano 2016

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Presentación de la tercera Memoria de Responsabilidad Social Universitaria

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(Español) La UMH presenta al Consejo Asesor y el logotipo de la Cátedra Cajamar de Economía y Desarrollo Agroambiental

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(Español) Acto de Proclamación cargos festeros de las fiestas de Moros y Cristianos de Crevillente

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Presentation of the book written by Cayetano Hernández (Edif. Quórum I)

The Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche has held the presentation of the book titled “Experiencias personales con energías renovables eólica, fotovoltaica y solar termoeléctrica”, written by  Cayetano Hernández Gonzálvez, expert in renewable energy. The  book presentation was held in the Function Hall of the Quorum I Building, located in the  campus of Elche, and it was presided by the rector of the UMH, Jesús Pastor Ciurana.

The councillor for environment of Elche,  Sebastián Polo, and the president of the Elche Football Club, José Sepulcre, have also attended this event.

In the book, the author explains his personal experiences in the renewable energy and the electric generation sectors, as well as, his experiences in the wind, the photovoltaic and the solar power sectors. In addition to this, the book  discusses, from a legal point of view, several events regarding the renewable energy sector which have taken place in Spain. In this book, Cayetano Hernández provides a review of the different regulations from the Law on energy conservation (1980) to the last decrees approved in 2013.

130817_F  (2)130817_F (1)Presentación libro de Cayetano Hernández

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The UMH introduces the ERASMUS Experience Club card.

The Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche has introduced the ERASMUS Experience Club card this morning. This card offers advantages to Erasmus students, both the UMH students who have done a  study abroad program and students from other European universities who are enrolled on official studies in the UMH.

The Rector of the UMH, Jesús Pastor Ciurana, the Vice-rector of Students, Francisco Moreno,  the Vice-rector of International Relations, Manuel Jordán and the General Students’ Representative, Ángeles Mas, were in charge of the presentation.

Among the advantages offered by the card,  sports activities discounts, welcoming events and foreign language promotion activities  must be pointed out.

This Club emerges as an in-person and virtual international meeting forum, whose aim is to promote international relations and activities throughout the University Community, as well as the dissemination of experiences and organization of activities.

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76 summer courses are offered by the UMH in 17 municipalities in the province of Alicante.

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La UMH inaugura la Galería de los Rectores con un cuadro del profesor Rodríguez Marín

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La Generalitat y las cinco universidades públicas valencianas crean el Banco de Patentes

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